A security system created from scratch.

Art and technology combination has led to the creation of a super-reliable, elegant, easy-to-install and user friendly security system.

Ajax Systems promotes innovation in security. We believe in the bright future of the internet of things, with safety as the primary axis, focusing on high technology, sleek looks and ease of use.

A new generation of wireless security systems.

The Ajax StarterKit has everything you need to protect your premises. Sensitive detectors monitor the motion inside, while a powerful hub connects them to the outside world. A wide range of security products are available to integrate into the Ajax ecosystem, enhancing the protection of the Ajax StarterKit.

A harmony of high-end components and technology.

As Ajax was created from scratch, there was absolutely no compromise.

Only the best available materials encased in a finely crafted body. Combined with patented technologies, Ajax offers unsurpassed quality of performance and security.

Controlled and monitored from all devices.

The Ajax Wireless Security System protects your home or office. Install and synchronize with the app to keep track of what’s happening anywhere in the world. Be aware of the first signs of invasion, flood or fire, even if you are traveling to the other end of the world.

A complex system that’s easily controlled.

Ajax is the result of an era when computers are getting more complex, but usability is improving even faster.

A security system that can be easily customized, armed/disarmed and monitored with just a few taps on your mobile device.

iOS App

Download the free app for the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and let it provide ongoing surveillance of the protected area when you are at home or when you are away.Download »

Android App

Download the free Android app for Smarthone or Tablet and let it provide ongoing surveillance of the protected area when you are at home or when you are away.Download »

Launch on the Desktop

Get access from any desktop or laptop computer through your preferred browser and you will have continuous surveillance of the protected area when you are at home or when you are away.Get Access »

Jeweller – a powerful and reliable connection between devices.

This wireless radio communication technology was invented from scratch to be as reliable as a wired connection. Jeweller connects all detectors and devices up to 2,000 meters away to the hub and pings at intervals starting from 12 seconds to monitor the state of your system.

The wireless Jeweler protocol provides a stable connection between the devices. Communication is encrypted and protected from interference, while false alarms are zero. Ajax Hub, the central hub of the system, can work at the same time with up to 100 devices.

Reliable protection from false alarms.

In theory, security systems have a simple job – stop intruders. However, in the real world, there are drafts, noise, radio frequency interference, and pets with minds of their own. That is why Ajax technologies fine-tuned to everyday life and prevent false alarms.

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    A battery backup allows the system to continue working, no matter what.

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    Router or Internet Failure

    A backup GSM signal will notify you in case of a network failure.

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    Detector Failure

    Frequent pinging ensures you’ll know as soon as any device stops responding.

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    FirstStepDetection technology instantly notifies you of any intruder.

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    Jammed Radio Channel

    In case of channel failure, detectors will choose an unaffected frequency.

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    Connectivity Issues with the Server

    You will be notified instantly of any connectivity issues.

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    Hacking Attempts

    All data is heavily encrypted, so it always remains safe.

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    Physically Damaged Detectors

    The tamper-proof sensors will activate in case of physical damage.


The signal is protected using “rolling code” encryption and authentication. If it is jammed, Ajax will change the frequency and notify you. Even in cases of a network failure, the system will keep you updated using its DeliverAnyway algorithm.

Always Connected.

For reliable security you need a reliable connection. But high-speed internet can be scarce in some places. That is why Ajax was designed, to guarantee security of any premise and allow for control of the system in even the most remote locations with very poor connections.

Our IoT protocol is very compact and works at a GPRS speed of just 0.5 kbit/sec.

Up to 7 years of battery life.

Ajax developed with energy efficiency in mind, since changing batteries can require tedious effort and is often overlooked.

To avoid compromised security, a circuit design was selected, software and components that allow you to forget about battery life.

Professional-level installation in 15 minutes.

Ajax detectors are ready to install out of the box. These new generation Wireless Security Systems are designed to make installation and customization as easy as possible.

SmartPlacement technology will choose the perfect spot to place the detectors, and SmartBracket mounts allow for a professional-quality installation in minutes.

Connect to our Central Monitoring Center with just one click.

As soon as you start Ajax, you will begin to send notifications to your device about the status of your home and the system itself.

If you do not want to keep track of alerts yourself, assign the job to a security company. You can request professional tracking from HERMES – Hellenic Central Station with just one click (two months free subscription with Ajax StarterKit).

When Security is Art.

Thanks to their special design and availability in two colors (black / white), the Ajax systems look elegant and well-designed and are suitable for installation even in areas with particular interior design requirements.

The Ajax StarterKit has everything necessary to protect your premises: Hub (the brain of the system), a motion detector, a door opening detector, a keyfob.

You can choose to add other detectors and gadgets available in the Ajax ecosystem to your StarterKit to enlarge, and enhance your protection.


The new generation Ajax Wireless Security Systems for Smart Home, successfully combines the advantages of both DIY (do it yourself) and professional alarm systems.

A modern and professional solution is being continually developed, to complete the ecosystem of home automation, penetrating deeper into the market of Smart Home Security Systems.

The Ajax Wireless Security Systems is officially distributed and supported in Greece by ZARIFOPOULOS SA.